About Us


Though we are in the age of the e-book, may there always be a place in our world for print books.

Crawford’s Books, an independent, used bookstore nestled in the Hollywood Park neighborhood of Sacramento, has been a community space since 1983. Original owners Jim and Joyce Crawford wanted their bookstore to house all book genres but with an emphasis on mysteries, westerns, romance, and military history. When current owners, Sue and Greg Richards assumed the helm in 2018, their vision was to transform Crawford’s Books into a community hub. As long-time customers of the store, they knew there was something special that kept drawing them back to Crawford’s Books, and were excited to continue building the magic.

In 2018, the Richards hit the ground running: They expanded their book genres (for a complete list, see below), They reached out to local schools for the required reading lists so that they could support parents with affordable prices, They started two Book Clubs, one for Young Adults led by daughter, Jennie, and one for Mystery lovers. They started a “Books to U.S. Military” Program to provide books to US servicemembers. They currently house local art and board games for purchase as well as books written by local authors. They keep a close eye on what books are being bought and are always eager to hear from their customers about their needs.

When the Richards go on vacation, they seek out the local, used bookstore and they would love to offer the same respite to our local Sacramentans and those visiting. Whether it’s the $1-2 books outside that are easy to give an unequivocal “Yes” to buying, the book-themed mural on the windows, the safety provided by shelves and shelves of books, or the Buy-Sell-Trade program to return quality books for store credit, Crawford’s Books provides the space to find peace in books.

Come here to jog your memory about that one book you’ve always wanted to read; Sue will be glad to walk you to two or three places that book might be waiting for you. Come here to escape the hum drum of life and notice the authors you’ve never read before snuggled up against authors you’ve read a hundred times. If you’re feeling inspired, you can ask Sue about her current favorites or peruse the shelf at the front with her recommendations.

Finish up your visit with a small pat on the back for showing up for yourself and your community in a meaningful way. When you spend your money at a local, family-owned business, you keep your money in the community, and you keep your community thriving.

Looking for books? We have it all! Audiobooks, Amish, Art, Biographies, Children, Classics, Cookbooks, Fiction, Gardening, History including Military, Manga, Mystery including American, Cozies, British, and International, Romance, Self-help, Spirituality/Religion, Sports, Young Adult, Travel, Western.

We also offer gift certificates!

Richards Family  Sue and Greg Richards, with son, David and daughter, Jennie