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SuzieGlidewell   Suzanne Glidewell

Suzanne Glidewell was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington and is an alumna of University of Washington in Seattle. Suzanne is a proud and practicing Cradle Catholic. She lives in Sacramento with her husband and three children. They make it to Mass...most of the time.

Somewhere in Between - Any hopes of creative fulfillment are crushed when twenty-six year-old Thomas O'Hollaren is forced to abandon his starving-artist's lifestyle and return home to Seattle to run the family business. Stuck in limbo and unavoidable guilt regarding his past relationship with his father, Thomas finds an unexpected friendship that begins to challenge his pessimism towards people, love, and faith. Optimistically waiting for her one true love is proving to be challenging and incredibly frustrating for Maura McCormick. She begins to doubt if she has the spiritual wherewithal to meet the standards of the devout dating pool of Blessed Sacrament Church. As she struggles to determine what level of holiness is required for the committed, romantic love she craves, it is Maura's inherit desire to care for those in need that may end up leading her away from what, and who, she always thought would make her happy.

Somewhere UnexpectedLife is finally starting to turn out just as Maura McCormick has always expected. She should be overcome with joy (and relief) given the highly anticipated marriage proposal from her handsome (but more importantly, devoutly Catholic) boyfriend, Ethan. Instead, Maura is met with an inability to quiet growing apprehension. When the unexpected has always led to pain and disappointment, is it crazy to think that the unexpected is what her heart truly wants? Caring about anything besides himself was the last habit Thomas O'Hollaren ever thought he'd pick up after returning home to Seattle. But his unlikely friendship with Maura McCormick seems to have put a pause on Thomas' lifelong track record of selfishness. Is this newfound goodness genuine or is it just a ploy to take advantage of another woman?

VeronicaPittman   Veronica Pittman

Veronica Pittman is a San Francisco native and mother of two girls. She has been writing most of her life. Her children inspired her to start writing children's books because they love hearing stories that she makes up for them. Her stories are based on her two daughters and interesting experiences that they have encountered. They are fun and relatable stories that will keep your child interested in reading. Stay tuned for more fun adventures with Paris and Cali.

The Adventures of Paris and Cali: Paris and Ricky. Join Paris for another wild adventure as she discovers a new furry friend. Find out if she has what it takes to handle here new responsibility. 

    Brittney LeBlue

Brittney Y.S.L LeBlue is a South Central native and is no stranger to the many experiences that being born and raised in the inner city of LA has to offer. Deciding that right after high school she wanted to see more, she moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal State East Bay.  Becoming a mother at age 19 did not stop Brittney from pursuing her education. She enrolled in Community College and worked part time while independently raising her 1st son. Fast forward 13 years later Brittney is now a mother of two wonderful boys Khalil who is 13 and Amir who is 8 and has earn a B.A in Psychology & Masters in Educational Technology, started her own custom jewelry business and now is a Self-Published Author.

Her book, 30 Days of Truth: Guided Journal with Poetic Undertones, was created as the 1st serving within a 3-book collection designed to provide “you the reader” with clarity, compassion, and confidence to live in your truths. When you start to know yourself, you can recognize your truths and have the courage to live out loud. Every page is a journey that offers you a seat at the table of life. You will be inspired to have internal conversations that will make you cry, that will make you laugh, and that you make you say, "Damn that was Deep!"

Brittney is still just a kid at heart trying to make her LA dreams come true.