Books to US Military

Crawford’s Book is an independent, family-owned, used bookstore in Sacramento California that has been providing quality books since 1983.

Crawford’s Books is on a mission. We understand the power of books to heal, encourage, entertain, and provide escape. We want to provide this support for our servicemembers. Our mission is to provide 5,000 books to military across the country, some confined in quarantine.

Crawford’s Books needs your help to make this mission a reality and to keep it sustainable. One way to help is by providing books. In the store, books can be purchased and given to the cause. Trade credit can be used for one-half of the purchase price. A military pack of books can also be purchased online by clicking HERE. We box and ship the books from the store for you! One more way to support this campaign is to help with shipping costs. Please email or call us if you would like to help in this way.

Military Personnel – Can we send boxes of books to your unit? If you would like to partner with Crawford’s Books and become one of the many locations to which we provide and ship books, please follow this link to enroll. We observe and honor OPSEC.

We welcome military addresses from all branches of service.