The Displaced edited by Viet Thanh Nguyen

If ever there was a body of people who were ghosts, stolen from their land by someone else’s war, stripped from their identity in the guise of assimilation, living on the peripheries of our notice, voiceless and visible only as a mild disturbance, it is refugees. Vu Tran, who immigrated from Vietnam as a young girl, in seeking to define a refugee, calls herself an orphan, a child who is pitied for her heroism and thereby receiving undeserved admiration, an actor who is interpreting a script, a ghost who is caught in the “space between real and imaginary.”


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  • Sounds like a must read! I’ve only recently begun reading Shea Robinson’s Lost in a Good Book blog and finding her “book trailers” super helpful when deciding my next book purchase. Looking forward to visiting Crawford Books and getting this one!

    Randi Gottlieb

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